Irelands Leading Coaching Certification

Elite Fitness & Performance Academy Presents

The Elite Coaching Certification
Elite Coaching Certification
To help you master the science of training and the art of coaching so you can help yourself and your clients make progress—even in life’s toughest situations
Turn Your Passion For Health & Fitness Into a Powerful Purpose & a Wildly Successful Career
Learn In A Real Gym Environment
If you want to work with clients, you need to know your way around a gym. Learn in a real gym environment how to correct clients technique, the best exercises for clients and most importantly how to deliver amazing customer service so you can get amazing results.
Elite Coaching Methodology = Results
The client tested and results proven system we've created thats been used for the past Decade by the countries leading trainers. Put simply you will feel confident and qualified to coach anyone.
The Certification gym owners look for when hiring, and and education that sets you apart from every other trainer.
Convenient Online Modules Lectures & Exams.
Learn anywhere with easy to use online modules & recordings. Group lectures each week keep you engaged and connected with your fellow students & deepen your knowledge and understanding of the coaching essentials.

Here's What You're Gonna Get

  • Level 3 REPS Accredited Elite Coaching Certification : More than just a Certificate it’s an education that will set you apart from every other trainer out there 
  • Strength & Conditioning Specialist Award – S&C is more than just weight lifting. learn the principles that will allow you to help people look, feel and, perform better  
  • ​Certified Elite Nutrition Coach – Learn both the Science and the skills you need to be a confident coach in real world situations 
  • ​Live digital interactive lectures – Guided tuition from your Course mentor that you can watch back and review as much as you need to 
  • ​Virtual learning lab tutor support – Course mentor will support, direct and guide your learning experience every step of the way 
  • ​Advanced Coaching Seminars – Still the most practical Course in Uk & Ireland and the Only one Taught in our own live gym so you get real world experience 
  • ​Social Media & Marketing Mastery – Learn how to build your audience and following, how to differentiate yourself and become the most stand out trainer in your area. 
  • ​Selling and Entrepreneurship – Exactly how to Build Grow and scale your business and the Persuasion sales and Influence Skills you need so you can get every client you’ll ever wanted
  • And So Much More...
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